The Twin Cities of Minneapolis and St. Paul and their surrounding communities make up one of the most diverse populations in North America. Much of that diversity is due to the large number of first and second generation immigrants living here in the greater metropolitan area. In Matthew 28:19 Jesus said “Go and make followers of all the nations.” But God has brought people from all the nations to our doorstep. It’s the Great Commission in reverse. He wants them here and wants us to reach them with the Gospel message of Jesus Christ. Here are some interesting facts about the immigrant population of the Twin Cities:

One third of the people in the Twin Cities are first or second generation immigrants.

The Twin Cities is one of the top ten gateway cities in America for new immigrants and refugees.

South Minneapolis has the most diverse single neighborhood in the United States.

The Twin Cities has the largest population of Liberians outside of Liberia.

The Twin Cities has the most refugees per capita of any city in the United States.

More than 5,000 Muslims live in just one apartment complex in Minneapolis.

The University of Minnesota has the most Chinese students of any American university.

The Twin Cities has the largest population of Somalis outside of Somalia and Kenya.

The Twin Cities has the largest Hmong population outside of Laos.

The Twin Cities has the largest Tibetan temple outside of Tibet.

The Twin Cities has the most Oromo Ethiopians of any U.S. City.

The largest Hindu temple in North America is located in Maple Grove, MN.

Ninety percent of the Twin Cities immigrant population do not know Christ.

The Twin Cities has the more Karen Burmese and Anauk Sudanese than any U.S. City.

The Twin Cities has the most Korean adoptees of any U.S. city.

The largest Cambodian Buddhist temple in America is near Farmington and Lakeville, MN

There are more Hmong gangs than churches in the Twin Cities.

Nearly ONE MILLION first and second generation immigrants live in the Twin Cities*.

ONE HUNDRED NATIONS are represented by Twin Cities first and second generation immigrants.*

ONE SALVATION through Jesus Christ is waiting for anyone who hears his message and believes.

*Here is a breakdown of the more than one hundred nations and people groups that make up the nearly one million first and second generation immigrant in the Twin Cities: